Staff Listing

Starley - Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc.

The Leavitt Group
Allen Starley CIC
Personal Lines and Commercial Lines Manager
Patsy Marino
Commercial Account Assistant
Andrea McCandless
Twin Falls Office Address:
715 Shoshone Street North,
PO Box 1947
Twin Falls, ID 83303
Phone: 208-733-5136
Toll Free: 1-800-544-3841
Fax: 866-838-3392
Allen Starley’s Team
Alisa Bowman
Ann Sparks
Renee Eldredge
Jan Naylor
Linda Bernier’s Team
Renee Eldredge
Jaclyn Bruhn’s Team
Ann Sparks

Personal Lines Account Assistant
Vivi Palacios

Personal Lines Producer
Chris Schenk
Health Department
Mary Comer
Sharon Couch
Josh Anderson
Personal Lines Account Managers
Michelle Walden
Dani Hutchins
Lynette Walker
Sam Slagel
Commercial Producer
Grant Starley
Janice Schorzman
Lauralee Rose
Commercial Lines Intern
Jessica Schlangen
Burley Office Address:
1701 Overland, PO Box 1227
Burley, ID 83318
Phone: 208-678-9063
Toll Free: 1-800-574-6602
Fax: 866-865-2730
Pam Simcoe’s Team
Jan Naylor
Bob Ramsey’s Team
Kim Maier
Personal Lines
Account Managers
Marge Barendregt
Cynthia Rios
Leslie Kyles
Commercial Account Assistant
Debra Thomas